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Queenstown New Zealand

Christmas night in Queenstown New Zealand

I missed New Years as I was flying back from New Zealand to England, in theory I should have had lots of New Years (as I stopped in NZ, Australia, Bangkok, Dubai and England) but instead I didn’t have any, I didn’t think I would mind but it turns out I do.

I have been busy trying to decide on a photography project for this year, i’m going to put all the thief of my photos behind me and start a new year fresh, happy and motivated, so I have finally decided just in time to still be within the first week of 2013!

I’m going to do a Weekly Creative Photography Project and to start week 1 and because I’ve just got back from 6 weeks in NZ, I’ve got a photo from Queenstown, New Zealand a Long Exposure at Twilight on Christmas Day (you may need to click on it to see it properly).

I have had a very busy year last year, getting married twice (don’t worry it was to the same guy!) next week I’ll post a wedding photo, the photographer in New Zealand did a great job at getting some creative shots of us, which as a photographer I appreciated, but unfortunately because I was the bride I didn’t get to take many shots myself, gutted! I guess it’s the one time when I need to just chill and let someone else be in control.

I love New Zealand the photo opportunities there are endless, we made it into Milford Sound but the weather was not on our side, I wouldn’t have minded if the weather was awful but it was just bland, white sky with nothing but complete cloud cover, it did not make for pretty photos, still while I was there we went to Arrowtown, Queenstown, Kaikoura, Pancake Rocks, Hamner Springs, Lake Tekapo, Mount Cook, Akaroa, French Farm, Arthus Pass, Christchurch among others, so I’m sure somewhere amongst my thousands of photos there will be photos to post.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Years to everyone out there, I am a little late but better late than never and I hope 2013 brings you all you dream of!

Winter is here, the sun was out today but it was freezing! am so glad to be home now, a Heineken in my hand, a takeaway menu in the other and the final of the X Factor on tonight, sad I know, but I did spend the afternoon out taking photos in the centre of London until my fingers felt like they were going to fall off, I went into Trafalgar Square and it was a mess there was rubbish everywhere! and the fountains weren’t even on…. so not very successful but I will get the shot I want eventually! but I walked for miles, in the cold with my Tripod and Camera, so I am very glad to be tucked up inside tonight with a beer and TV!

Silhouette of Houses of Parliament

Another HDR photo from London, House of Parliament (3 exposures blended together)

London Houses of Parliament

London Houses of Parliament

Received a email today of the Top 10 photos of the year, decided from the hundreds of thousands of photos Picture Correct get uploaded to their site, and in at no. 7 was my Istanbul – a moment, so that had to be todays pic, very happy and honoured to be on the list!   follow the link to see the rest of the photos.

Istanbul a moment

Istanbul a moment

I’m having to go back through my photos and put my signature on them as they seem to fly away, so here is a oldie but a goodie one of my first favourite photos, done with HDR (three photos at different exposures blended together) I have a tutorial for this is my new book  How To… Night Photography on how to do HDR’s as well when it comes out!

London Eye

London Eye HDR

Still in London now and here is a photo of the Gherkin with Light trails while two business men wait to cross the road.

Wow, yesterdays photo went mad on Facebook, (Photography London and then shared on to Oxford Street ‘s facebook page) but was really quite on Flickr and on my own personal facebook, I don’t know what people like, but I do photography for me at the end of the day so if people like it, thats just a bonus!

Gherkin with Light Trails

I thought it was time to learn a little bit more about me….   So now and again I’m going to post a photo of me travelling.

I’m a New Zealander living in London, UK – I have been over here for 5 years now with the reason I moved here was to be closer to Europe so that I could travel.    That I have done, I have been to 50 countries with a goal to reaching 100 at least.

I have always loved to take photos and I would always be the one that brings the camera on a night out to record everything but I’ve only been serious about it in the last few years and only just this year got my super duper camera so it unfortunately means I will have to retravel to those 50 countries to take photos all over again!

But for now here is a photo of me in the Amazon on the Peruvian side with a Snake! I love the guy laughing in the background!

Me in the Amazon with a snake

Well it’s a lovelyish day for autumn here in London and the Squirrels are out to play so today’s photo is going to be you guessed it a Squirrel! I think they are adorable but thats problably because I am not used to them!Squirrel

Well at least for a little while, back from Berlin now and ready to finish my many projects that I have on at the moment!

But before I do that I am starting a new one!

Project 365 – a photo uploaded a day

So to start it all off and in honour of just getting back from Berlin….

Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate

Berlin Brandenburg Gate

London Eye at night

London Eye at Night

I am always a little surprised when I open emails and see my own photo staring back at me, that’s what happened when I opened an email with an article about Colour and Photography this week, my London Eye photo was staring right back at me!
It is nice to be recognised and have your photo as an example of what works, this particular photo is a HDR photo, taken with 3 different exposures, +1, 0 and -1, all combined together to create the one photo.
I do like my photos bright and cheerful but sometimes I can over do it, and HDR is in particular a technique that you need to be careful to not over do, I am out again maybe tonight but definitely again on Wednesday for a night photography photo shoot but this time with my new camera, so I’m keen to see if it can do better, though I do quite like this photo, so it needs to be able to capture something really special.
But in the mean time, if you want to have a read about Colour and Photography do head over to:
and don’t forget to look out for my London Eye photo!