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I’m having to go back through my photos and put my signature on them as they seem to fly away, so here is a oldie but a goodie one of my first favourite photos, done with HDR (three photos at different exposures blended together) I have a tutorial for this is my new book  How To… Night Photography on how to do HDR’s as well when it comes out!

London Eye

London Eye HDR

My last photo Light Trails on London’s Tower Bridge was number 77 on Explore Flickr! yah!

Also if you wonder how I did the Light Trails I’m now running Night Photography Courses in Central London (Southbank) from 6pm – 8pm Monday to Friday where you will learn Night Photography, Long Exposures, Light Trails and Zoom Burst, plus you will get a copy of my soon to be released Night Photography ebook for free! Contact me for more details.

But back to number 3 – which feels really boring after the excitment of the light trails yesterday! oh well…

Tower of London and Tower Bridge

Tower of London and Tower Bridge