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This one I call my Sherlock Holmes Westminster shot.

I used two different textures over the photo to create this effect, which I explain how to do in my new eBook…

How To… Night Photography eBook now available on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords (where you can buy in any format you would like), and on my website.¬†

Happy hump day ūüôā

Sherlock Holmes Westminster

Received a email today of the Top 10 photos of the year, decided from the hundreds of thousands of photos Picture Correct get uploaded to their site, and in at no. 7 was my Istanbul – a moment, so that had to be todays pic, very happy and honoured to be on the list!   follow the link to see the rest of the photos.

Istanbul a moment

Istanbul a moment

9*365 Calmness Alicante – What I love so much about his photo is it has come straight from the camera, no photoshop (except to put my signature on it) and it is so peaceful, calm and lovely…¬† Every night we went to the habour and had a Heineken after a restful day of sitting at the beach and then we would head into the main part of town for some tapas, ah thats the life…

Calmness in Alicante

Calmness in Alicante


The O2 Arena at Night

I went to Canary Wharf to get some skyline photos¬†at night and then noticed the O2 Arena in the distance, I had no idea you could get a photo of it from Canary Wharf or it was that close, so it was a bit of a bonus photo for me in the end, but I love taking photos at Twilight and Night and with Winter really close it’s so much easier for me to get out and get the Twilight photos than ever before, My ebook How To… Night Photography is finished also so will be up on Amazon Kindle by the end of the month! Very exciting!

The O2 in London

The O2 at night London

Well at least for a little while, back from Berlin now and ready to finish my many projects that I have on at the moment!

But before I do that I am starting a new one!

Project 365 – a photo uploaded a day

So to start it all off and in honour of just getting back from Berlin….

Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate

Berlin Brandenburg Gate

Back from Sorrento, Italy with hundreds of more photos to edit!

Below is a lovely village called Positano, we spent the holiday getting charged cover charges and outrageous prices for food and drinks, we had just been to Capri where we had brought one beer and one coke while sitting  on the main strip, the bill came to 12 Euros without tip so by the time we got to Positano with half the holiday over we decided to just buy beers from the supermarket /local store and just go sit on the rocks while watching the sun go down, it was a beautiful view and we had it all to ourselves.

Positano, Italy

With such a beautiful view, it was a great location/time, to discuss our future, (me and my partners that is!) there was no ring or no get down on one knee, just a conversation to decide we will get married next year September and a ring was to follow, it was all followed up a lovely fireworks display while we ate our dinner on the seafront, we got a little bit carried away and had to catch the last bus at 9.50pm back to Sorrento, which meant we were going to miss the last shuttle bus from Sorrento up the hill to our hotel, but after such a lovely night I didn’t mind, and then something amazing happen after 30 minutes in the bus with 30 mins still to go we drove past our hotel, we quickly pressed the button and the driver¬†stopped¬†pratically outside our hotel, we ended up back hours before we had planned and without a 30 euro taxi ride added on, so I went to bed very happy that night after such a lovely day ūüôā

First of all I just have to say Sorry!

It seems WordPress¬†have been putting all my comments into my SPAM! box, I managed to save 3 comments¬†today but it said it had deleted 9 comments, so I’m not happy about that, and I’m really sorry if you have left a comment and are waiting for me to get back to you and I haven’t please assume your comment has been deleted and send me another message or email me on

Also Topaz Labs have given me a code “Explore10” for everyone to get 10% off Topaz Labs using this link¬†¬†I love these guys and use them all the time, I especially like Topaz Adjust, so if your just going to get one then that is the one I recommend…

I had fun last weekend with a self portrait photo shoot, I was the Model, Photographer, Photographers Assistant, Stylist, Makeup Artist and Editor (all in my hallway at home!)  let me know what you think? I am more of a landscape HDR photographer but it never hurts to branch out..

self portrait black and white

Also do stay in touch because I have some amazing tutorials coming, trust me you don’t want to miss them….

Thanks everyone!

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