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I’m having to go back through my photos and put my signature on them as they seem to fly away, so here is a oldie but a goodie one of my first favourite photos, done with HDR (three photos at different exposures blended together) I have a tutorial for this is my new book  How To… Night Photography on how to do HDR’s as well when it comes out!

London Eye

London Eye HDR

London Eye at night

London Eye at Night

I am always a little surprised when I open emails and see my own photo staring back at me, that’s what happened when I opened an email with an article about Colour and Photography this week, my London Eye photo was staring right back at me!
It is nice to be recognised and have your photo as an example of what works, this particular photo is a HDR photo, taken with 3 different exposures, +1, 0 and -1, all combined together to create the one photo.
I do like my photos bright and cheerful but sometimes I can over do it, and HDR is in particular a technique that you need to be careful to not over do, I am out again maybe tonight but definitely again on Wednesday for a night photography photo shoot but this time with my new camera, so I’m keen to see if it can do better, though I do quite like this photo, so it needs to be able to capture something really special.
But in the mean time, if you want to have a read about Colour and Photography do head over to:
and don’t forget to look out for my London Eye photo!