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Finally Winter is over 🙂 and the weather is starting to get better (and I hope I’m not saying that too soon!)

and the count down to moving out is nearing the end, in just 3 days we move and I lose my fab view from the 20th story over london and I have to say Goodbye to Angel and the lovely restaurants and shops here, and I may be without internet for a bit too while we set up a new provider so that will be a pain! but i’m going to use this time to write more articles for my Blog 🙂

With all the horrible stuff that was going on with the stealing of my photos I found one person who really took the cake (or is it biscuit?!) Mark Jenkins from Ikon Canvas Art hadn’t just stolen my photos to use on his website, he had stolen my photos to sell on Ebay, Amazon and on his own Website!

This had been going on for a Year before I found out, after trying to get some compensation Mark Jenkins just went into hiding, So I had no option but to tell Amazon, Ebay and finally all of his sites have been shut down.

So I am finally at peace with it, but I do suggest to all photographers out there to use the new Google search to find your photos on the internet and stop people like Mark from making a living off stealing and selling your photos.

Just go to Google then to Images, and in the search box there is a little pic of a camera, just click on the camera and upload your photo from your hard drive or add the URL from where it is on the Web, it’s very interesting to see the results!

Oh and since I figured its good enough for him to steal my pics and sell them on Ebay and Amazon that I should get in on the Action too! so I now have my photos selling on Ebay under Tuckergg starting at 99p and soon to be on Amazon (trying to set that up today!) or as always from my website

So todays Photo is only fitting that it is a view from the Balcony that I am about to say goodbye too!

view over london

Merry Christmas everyone from the Team at Explore Travel Photography!

Hope you have all been spolit and are having a lovely time with friends and family 🙂

Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square


It’s the weekend! 🙂 and it’s more getting to know G Fridays

Well today in honour of my partners b’day, I’m doing two photos, one of the two of us and one – a behind the scenes photo taken by my partner!

Oh and it snowed today in London! Cool ah! I can’t wait until it settles properly and I can get out with my camera!

Introducing James…

James and Giovanna

and one behind the scenes as taken by James

Me in New Zealand taking photos of seals and the lovely landscape

of me taking photos of Seals in New Zealand, Kaikoura (can you see the seal?)

You can walk all around there with no barriers, a few times I almost stepped on a seal by accident, but if you do get to close to them they let you know!

Oh well off to enjoy Birthday celebrations, enjoy your Friday night!


Sunset Silhouette and Lone Tree…

I was having a little play in photoshop today and ended up with this, sunset is a real sunset taken from our balcony in london.

Sunset Silhouette and Lone Tree

London, London, London what else can I say really?

London Tower Bridge and City Hall

Winter is here, the sun was out today but it was freezing! am so glad to be home now, a Heineken in my hand, a takeaway menu in the other and the final of the X Factor on tonight, sad I know, but I did spend the afternoon out taking photos in the centre of London until my fingers felt like they were going to fall off, I went into Trafalgar Square and it was a mess there was rubbish everywhere! and the fountains weren’t even on…. so not very successful but I will get the shot I want eventually! but I walked for miles, in the cold with my Tripod and Camera, so I am very glad to be tucked up inside tonight with a beer and TV!

Silhouette of Houses of Parliament

Another HDR photo from London, House of Parliament (3 exposures blended together)

London Houses of Parliament

London Houses of Parliament

Still in London now and here is a photo of the Gherkin with Light trails while two business men wait to cross the road.

Wow, yesterdays photo went mad on Facebook, (Photography London and then shared on to Oxford Street ‘s facebook page) but was really quite on Flickr and on my own personal facebook, I don’t know what people like, but I do photography for me at the end of the day so if people like it, thats just a bonus!

Gherkin with Light Trails

11*365 Trying to get the Xmas lights in Oxford Street, Carnaby Street and Regent Street, I couldn’t quite get what I wanted so I ended up adding light trails to it as well to make it more interesting, though standing in the middle of the road taking the below was interesting, a bus driver pulled over and said “you have really expensive camera gear, do you like what you do?!”

Oxford Street Xmas Lights and Light Trails

The O2 Arena at Night

I went to Canary Wharf to get some skyline photos at night and then noticed the O2 Arena in the distance, I had no idea you could get a photo of it from Canary Wharf or it was that close, so it was a bit of a bonus photo for me in the end, but I love taking photos at Twilight and Night and with Winter really close it’s so much easier for me to get out and get the Twilight photos than ever before, My ebook How To… Night Photography is finished also so will be up on Amazon Kindle by the end of the month! Very exciting!

The O2 in London

The O2 at night London