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Getting to know me better fridays, me in Paris.

I have spent the day uploading my new ebook How To… Photography to Smashwords, and have finally got it so my photos can now been seen, so now i’m just waiting for them to approve it so that it can be on sale on Apple, WH Smith and Barnes and Noble, yah!


ne in paris

Received a email today of the Top 10 photos of the year, decided from the hundreds of thousands of photos Picture Correct get uploaded to their site, and in at no. 7 was my Istanbul – a moment, so that had to be todays pic, very happy and honoured to be on the list!   follow the link to see the rest of the photos.

Istanbul a moment

Istanbul a moment

I thought it was time to learn a little bit more about me….   So now and again I’m going to post a photo of me travelling.

I’m a New Zealander living in London, UK – I have been over here for 5 years now with the reason I moved here was to be closer to Europe so that I could travel.    That I have done, I have been to 50 countries with a goal to reaching 100 at least.

I have always loved to take photos and I would always be the one that brings the camera on a night out to record everything but I’ve only been serious about it in the last few years and only just this year got my super duper camera so it unfortunately means I will have to retravel to those 50 countries to take photos all over again!

But for now here is a photo of me in the Amazon on the Peruvian side with a Snake! I love the guy laughing in the background!

Me in the Amazon with a snake

9*365 Calmness Alicante – What I love so much about his photo is it has come straight from the camera, no photoshop (except to put my signature on it) and it is so peaceful, calm and lovely…  Every night we went to the habour and had a Heineken after a restful day of sitting at the beach and then we would head into the main part of town for some tapas, ah thats the life…

Calmness in Alicante

Calmness in Alicante


The O2 Arena at Night

I went to Canary Wharf to get some skyline photos at night and then noticed the O2 Arena in the distance, I had no idea you could get a photo of it from Canary Wharf or it was that close, so it was a bit of a bonus photo for me in the end, but I love taking photos at Twilight and Night and with Winter really close it’s so much easier for me to get out and get the Twilight photos than ever before, My ebook How To… Night Photography is finished also so will be up on Amazon Kindle by the end of the month! Very exciting!

The O2 in London

The O2 at night London