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Firstly apologies it seems it is harder to keep up with 2 full-time jobs than I had first thought, I have my day job and then my love of photography, what I would rather be doing, full-time job and keeping up with them both is proving hard, but here I am now so lets continue..

It has been a very busy period since I last wrote and I’m in the middle of signing off 3 new and amazing tutorials that you will love, a newsletter that I hope you will get involved in, and putting up more photos on to my website
In the last month we have been away to Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands and also to Marlow, England, which was great and very welcome breaks, I have attended Miss Aniela’s MC Motors Workshop which consisted of 10 photographers 5 Models which was a lot of fun but also very scary as I don’t normally take photos of people and also her workshop in a haunted theatre where we did levitation style photos (see below).
I had my first market in Leather Lane which was a great success and I meet lots of lovely people, and I came runner-up in the TNT photo contest with my HDR photo of Westminster (due out this Monday the 16th), and one of my photos of Italy was also used in an article on a travel website for most romantic travel destinations in pictures.
I joined the social picture network and have been amazed at the response from them, every photo I have uploaded has been featured and Istanbul – A Moment was most popular image of the month after only 1 week of being up.
It continues to amaze me how wonderful and supportive people are to complete strangers, but I do hope you all get involved by sending me emails or leaving me comments so we can no longer be strangers.

My photo from the levitation workshop