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My last photo Light Trails on London’s Tower Bridge was number 77 on Explore Flickr! yah!

Also if you wonder how I did the Light Trails I’m now running Night Photography Courses in Central London (Southbank) from 6pm – 8pm Monday to Friday where you will learn Night Photography, Long Exposures, Light Trails and Zoom Burst, plus you will get a copy of my soon to be released Night Photography ebook for free! Contact me for more details.

But back to number 3 – which feels really boring after the excitment of the light trails yesterday! oh well…

Tower of London and Tower Bridge

Tower of London and Tower Bridge

Back from Sorrento, Italy with hundreds of more photos to edit!

Below is a lovely village called Positano, we spent the holiday getting charged cover charges and outrageous prices for food and drinks, we had just been to Capri where we had brought one beer and one coke while sitting  on the main strip, the bill came to 12 Euros without tip so by the time we got to Positano with half the holiday over we decided to just buy beers from the supermarket /local store and just go sit on the rocks while watching the sun go down, it was a beautiful view and we had it all to ourselves.

Positano, Italy

With such a beautiful view, it was a great location/time, to discuss our future, (me and my partners that is!) there was no ring or no get down on one knee, just a conversation to decide we will get married next year September and a ring was to follow, it was all followed up a lovely fireworks display while we ate our dinner on the seafront, we got a little bit carried away and had to catch the last bus at 9.50pm back to Sorrento, which meant we were going to miss the last shuttle bus from Sorrento up the hill to our hotel, but after such a lovely night I didn’t mind, and then something amazing happen after 30 minutes in the bus with 30 mins still to go we drove past our hotel, we quickly pressed the button and the driver stopped pratically outside our hotel, we ended up back hours before we had planned and without a 30 euro taxi ride added on, so I went to bed very happy that night after such a lovely day 🙂

London in the Rain

I went out Monday night to try and get some photos of London, of course the minute I reached the City it started to rain!

I spent the next few hours wondering why I hadn’t brought my umbrella and trying to wipe the rain drops off the front of my lens, and at night doing 30 second exposures I was giving the rain 30 seconds each time to land on my lens, basically I had a mare, using Photoshop to try and get rid of all the rain drops was not fun and not very successful!

So i’m going to do it all again Friday night but in the mean time, here is one of my images from Monday night….

St Pauls and Millennium Bridge in the Rain
London in the rain, rain, rain….

p.s I know i’ve been useless updating my Blog and Website but i’m no longer at Ingeus anymore so my time is now my own and its now time for me to focus on my photography!