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Today’s photo is a fun technique called Zoom Burst.

(If you want to learn how to do this technique you can find out in my eBook How To… Night Photography on Amazon, my Website or Smashwords, it can be done to anything, and only takes 30 seconds to learn)

Houses of Parliament Zoom Burst

How is everyone after the excitement of Christmas?

(Did anyone get a Ereader for xmas? don’t forget I have my eBook How To… Night Photography for sale over at Amazon for Kindle or on Smashwords, Author Giovanna Tucker if you want to learn how to take great Photos at night, twilight, golden hour and sunset!)

I’m full, tired, hung over and now have a million things to do but it was nice to just stop and eat, drink, open presents, play games and just sit around and chat for a few days, now that is over its back to work for me so…

Here is a photo of Canary Wharf at Twilight… Hope you like it 🙂

Canary Wharf Twilight

Just to change things around a bit today I have something completely different! I’m not very good at taking photos of people which means I need to get out there and practise!

Also big news for today, though not without its teething problems, my new ebook How To… Night Photography is now available on Amazon Kindle, though I am trying to get the price down to under £5 at the moment, also it will be up on Smashwords and my website as a pdf and other formats as not everyone has Kindle.

girl twirling

Model Jade Bianca, Costume by Arisa Fukumoto