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It’s a cold, rainy day in London today and I’m feeling a little under the weather, this week is the busiest week I have had this year, so i’m dreaming of sitting in the sun in Santorini, Greece with a cold beer in my hand and a beautiful view.

Oia, Santorini, Greece

Night falls on Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, Italy

A follow on from my Black and White Trafalgar Square the other day, today is a colourful Xmas one!

Trafalgar Square

It’s the weekend! 🙂 and it’s more getting to know G Fridays

Well today in honour of my partners b’day, I’m doing two photos, one of the two of us and one – a behind the scenes photo taken by my partner!

Oh and it snowed today in London! Cool ah! I can’t wait until it settles properly and I can get out with my camera!

Introducing James…

James and Giovanna

and one behind the scenes as taken by James

Me in New Zealand taking photos of seals and the lovely landscape

of me taking photos of Seals in New Zealand, Kaikoura (can you see the seal?)

You can walk all around there with no barriers, a few times I almost stepped on a seal by accident, but if you do get to close to them they let you know!

Oh well off to enjoy Birthday celebrations, enjoy your Friday night!


Sunset Silhouette and Lone Tree…

I was having a little play in photoshop today and ended up with this, sunset is a real sunset taken from our balcony in london.

Sunset Silhouette and Lone Tree

This one I call my Sherlock Holmes Westminster shot.

I used two different textures over the photo to create this effect, which I explain how to do in my new eBook…

How To… Night Photography eBook now available on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords (where you can buy in any format you would like), and on my website.

Happy hump day 🙂

Sherlock Holmes Westminster

London, London, London what else can I say really?

London Tower Bridge and City Hall

Not my normal colourful photo today, but a Black and White one of Trafalgar Square, despite all the fountains looking lovely and lit up, this one feels more like winter and how cold it was while I was out taking the photo!

Trafalgar Square

It’s a cold misty night in london tonight…

Cold Misty London Town

Winter is here, the sun was out today but it was freezing! am so glad to be home now, a Heineken in my hand, a takeaway menu in the other and the final of the X Factor on tonight, sad I know, but I did spend the afternoon out taking photos in the centre of London until my fingers felt like they were going to fall off, I went into Trafalgar Square and it was a mess there was rubbish everywhere! and the fountains weren’t even on…. so not very successful but I will get the shot I want eventually! but I walked for miles, in the cold with my Tripod and Camera, so I am very glad to be tucked up inside tonight with a beer and TV!

Silhouette of Houses of Parliament