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I just had an interview, and I was so nervous, why is it interviews are like that?!?!? I am just terrible at them and completely freeze, but I got the job and start tomorrow, so a little bit crazy, I have spent the day running around getting my documents for them, proof of address, proof to work etc though I was hoping to just crash in front of the tv on my last day of freedom 🙂

This week is a fun self-portrait multiplicity shot that I did in New Zealand, it was sooo windy I was scared my camera would fly away, and so cloudy that the sky is bland, I didn’t have my tripod as I had taken a little drive and a bit of a walk to find this place with a view of the Banks Peninsula, multiplicity is something I want to get more into as well as levitation for a bit of creative fun so will see how it all goes, I will have to juggle it now with my new job but at the same time it will be nice to have some money again!

Multiplicity in Banks Peninsula

Multiplicity in Banks Peninsula

Giovanna and James Wedding

Giovanna and James Wedding New Zealand taken by Andy at Frank Visser Photography

2013 is racing past, i’ve had a busy week catching up with a few friends and applying for jobs, as promised this week i’ve got some wedding photos from NZ, one fun one and one serious one!

Giovanna and James

Our wedding captured by Andy at Frank Visser Photography

I’m busy sitting here at my computer with a packet of chips and a glass of coke with an exercise video playing on the TV, someone I don’t think it’s counted as my exercise for the day but hey it’s fun and life can be to serious, have a good weekend everyone 🙂

First of all I just have to say Sorry!

It seems WordPress have been putting all my comments into my SPAM! box, I managed to save 3 comments today but it said it had deleted 9 comments, so I’m not happy about that, and I’m really sorry if you have left a comment and are waiting for me to get back to you and I haven’t please assume your comment has been deleted and send me another message or email me on

Also Topaz Labs have given me a code “Explore10” for everyone to get 10% off Topaz Labs using this link I love these guys and use them all the time, I especially like Topaz Adjust, so if your just going to get one then that is the one I recommend…

I had fun last weekend with a self portrait photo shoot, I was the Model, Photographer, Photographers Assistant, Stylist, Makeup Artist and Editor (all in my hallway at home!)  let me know what you think? I am more of a landscape HDR photographer but it never hurts to branch out..

self portrait black and white

Also do stay in touch because I have some amazing tutorials coming, trust me you don’t want to miss them….

Thanks everyone!