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Finally Winter is over šŸ™‚ and the weather is starting to get better (and I hope I’m not saying that too soon!)

and the count down to moving out is nearing the end, in justĀ 3 days we move and I lose my fab view from the 20th storyĀ over london and I have to say Goodbye to Angel and the lovely restaurants and shops here, and I may be without internet for a bit too while we set up a new provider so that will be a pain! but i’m going to use this time to write more articles for my Blog šŸ™‚

With all the horrible stuff that was going on with the stealing of my photos I found one person who really took the cake (or is it biscuit?!) Mark Jenkins from Ikon Canvas Art hadn’t just stolen my photos to use on his website, he had stolen my photos to sell on Ebay, Amazon and on his own Website!

This had been going on for a Year beforeĀ I found out, after trying to get some compensation Mark Jenkins just went into hiding, So I had no option but toĀ tell Amazon, Ebay and finally all of his sites have been shut down.

So I am finally at peace with it, but I do suggest to all photographers out there to use the new Google search to find your photos on the internet and stop people like Mark from making a living off stealing and selling your photos.

Just go to Google then to Images, and in the search box there is a little pic of a camera, just click on the camera and upload your photo from your hard drive or add the URL from where it is on the Web, it’s very interesting to see the results!

Oh and since I figured its good enough for him to steal my pics and sell them on Ebay and Amazon that I should get in on the Action too! so I now have my photos selling on Ebay under Tuckergg starting at 99p and soon to be on Amazon (trying to set that up today!) or as always from my website

So todays Photo is only fitting that it is a view from the Balcony that I am about to say goodbye too!

view over london

2012 is flying by already can you believe its February already!

I thought I would give you an update on my Photos, I have been having talks with TNT Magazine at the use of my London Eye photo, they think they either got it mixed up with a stock photo that is similar or that I sent it in for a competition, I didn’t win or place but was then good enough for them to use it without my permission on their website.

*Update on TNT, I have just received an emailĀ saying they have taken it down and because itĀ is such a good photo, I won the recent competition where I will be featured in their magazine and I won a tour for two of Scotland! so Yah TNT Magazine!

and good news on the websites that were giving away my Tower Bridge photo, it has now been taken down but there has been no contact from them to me, but at least its down!

The weather has got cold here these last few days and i’m finding it harder and harder to go out in the cold, though I did go out the other night and got some more London photos so here is one below, not my favourite of the night but my partners favourite!

I must say it has been nice being able to write this blog again, I have been so upset withĀ the stealing of my photos that I have avoided not only my blog but also Facebook, but I am feeling better about the whole thing and i’mĀ going to be back in some form anyway.

Thanks for all your support and thanks to the lovely ladies that comment šŸ™‚

London by giovanna tucker


So I have had to make the sad decision to not carry on with my 365 project and to stop posting daily, which is a shame as i was reaching 50*365 and had managed to keep posting over the christmas period when I wasn’t at home and during out trip to Bruges, so I am sad that this is what has happened,

since I wrote on Monday, I still have not been able to get anyone to take down any of my photos they have stolen, or even get them to even acknowledge me, so I’m not sure what the next step is, I guess I have to go more public with them and name and shame, especially as some are reputable companies that should know better and I’m sure won’t want to be dragged into the media over this.

but they are not giving me any choice, I have asked them all several times to contact me and take down the photos and no one has, I find it so sad that people who are trying to make a living doing something are getting screwed over by big companies who make so much money but then just steal what they want and trample over the little people.

I have some people who are just saying be flattered they have stolen your pics as it must mean they like them, yes i guess, but if it was your job to sell TV’s for example and you hadn’t sold any because people kept stealing them, so you couldn’t pay rent, or your bills, would you be flattered?!?!?

No you would be upset and annoyed šŸ˜¦

Anyway so the plan is now I will just be posting weekly or when ever the mood gets me and I will be more careful in the photos that get put up.

So on a lighter note, here are boats in Alicante: and I will see you all again, hopefully with some happier news (like photos being taken down or payment made) in a week or so….

Alicante Boats

Not a happy post today I’m afraid, it has come to my attention that my photos are being stolen and used around the web without my knowledge or approval.Ā Ā  The most obvious one is:

london eye photo stolen

Where my London Eye picture is being used twice on the same page…

I have found my London Eye pictureĀ is being used allĀ over the web as well as here for TNT Magazine.

But more of a worry are the Mexico Tour company who are using my Rochester, England photo on their front page:

and the company that have taken my Tower Bridge light trails and cropped my photo so my signature is missing and are giving it away as free wallpaper for your phone šŸ˜¦

Another photographer hasĀ stolen my Rochester photo and have turned it black and white and are claiming it as there’s, alsoĀ someone has taken my self-portrait andĀ is saying it isĀ them!

My London Eye photo and my Istanbul photo have both been used in numerous articles where I am not credited but to make matters worse other companies have put their signature on my photos claiming them as theres, at one point my London Eye has two different peoples signatures onĀ it, neither of themĀ being mine.

Whats more of a worry is I have contacted everyone asking for the photos to be taken down and no one is geting back to me or has bothered to take my photos down.

I don’t mind that my photos be shared as long as I am credited, but I have not been credited or told about any of the above, it was only because of googles new image search that I even knew about them all, and there are far too many more for me to mention here, pretty much every photo I own I have found someone is using it without crediting me or my knowledge.

So photographers out there, go to Google, Images and then in the search box click on the camera and upload your photo or the URL of your photo and it will search the web for you image, my London Eye photo came up with 8 google search pages of its usage being stolen!

So I now need to rethink what i’m doing, and whether to keep doing the blog, or using Flickr or Facebook, since putting a signature of them is not working!

Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.