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9*365 Calmness Alicante – What I love so much about his photo is it has come straight from the camera, no photoshop (except to put my signature on it) and it is so peaceful, calm and lovely…  Every night we went to the habour and had a Heineken after a restful day of sitting at the beach and then we would head into the main part of town for some tapas, ah thats the life…

Calmness in Alicante

Calmness in Alicante


Still in Berlin here is another photo of the Brandenburg Gate but this time with Light Trails zooming past!

Brandenburg Gate Light Trails


Off to Berlin now and here we have the Berlin Wall!

The Berlin Wall

The O2 Arena at Night

I went to Canary Wharf to get some skyline photos at night and then noticed the O2 Arena in the distance, I had no idea you could get a photo of it from Canary Wharf or it was that close, so it was a bit of a bonus photo for me in the end, but I love taking photos at Twilight and Night and with Winter really close it’s so much easier for me to get out and get the Twilight photos than ever before, My ebook How To… Night Photography is finished also so will be up on Amazon Kindle by the end of the month! Very exciting!

The O2 in London

The O2 at night London

Well it’s a lovelyish day for autumn here in London and the Squirrels are out to play so today’s photo is going to be you guessed it a Squirrel! I think they are adorable but thats problably because I am not used to them!Squirrel

My last photo Light Trails on London’s Tower Bridge was number 77 on Explore Flickr! yah!

Also if you wonder how I did the Light Trails I’m now running Night Photography Courses in Central London (Southbank) from 6pm – 8pm Monday to Friday where you will learn Night Photography, Long Exposures, Light Trails and Zoom Burst, plus you will get a copy of my soon to be released Night Photography ebook for free! Contact me for more details.

But back to number 3 – which feels really boring after the excitment of the light trails yesterday! oh well…

Tower of London and Tower Bridge

Tower of London and Tower Bridge

and for number two we are back in London with some colourful light trails on London Bridge.  Hope you like 🙂

London Bridge Light Trails

London Bridge Light Trails

Well at least for a little while, back from Berlin now and ready to finish my many projects that I have on at the moment!

But before I do that I am starting a new one!

Project 365 – a photo uploaded a day

So to start it all off and in honour of just getting back from Berlin….

Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate

Berlin Brandenburg Gate