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2012 is flying by already can you believe its February already!

I thought I would give you an update on my Photos, I have been having talks with TNT Magazine at the use of my London Eye photo, they think they either got it mixed up with a stock photo that is similar or that I sent it in for a competition, I didn’t win or place but was then good enough for them to use it without my permission on their website.

*Update on TNT, I have just received an email saying they have taken it down and because it is such a good photo, I won the recent competition where I will be featured in their magazine and I won a tour for two of Scotland! so Yah TNT Magazine!

and good news on the websites that were giving away my Tower Bridge photo, it has now been taken down but there has been no contact from them to me, but at least its down!

The weather has got cold here these last few days and i’m finding it harder and harder to go out in the cold, though I did go out the other night and got some more London photos so here is one below, not my favourite of the night but my partners favourite!

I must say it has been nice being able to write this blog again, I have been so upset with the stealing of my photos that I have avoided not only my blog but also Facebook, but I am feeling better about the whole thing and i’m going to be back in some form anyway.

Thanks for all your support and thanks to the lovely ladies that comment 🙂

London by giovanna tucker


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