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So I have had to make the sad decision to not carry on with my 365 project and to stop posting daily, which is a shame as i was reaching 50*365 and had managed to keep posting over the christmas period when I wasn’t at home and during out trip to Bruges, so I am sad that this is what has happened,

since I wrote on Monday, I still have not been able to get anyone to take down any of my photos they have stolen, or even get them to even acknowledge me, so I’m not sure what the next step is, I guess I have to go more public with them and name and shame, especially as some are reputable companies that should know better and I’m sure won’t want to be dragged into the media over this.

but they are not giving me any choice, I have asked them all several times to contact me and take down the photos and no one has, I find it so sad that people who are trying to make a living doing something are getting screwed over by big companies who make so much money but then just steal what they want and trample over the little people.

I have some people who are just saying be flattered they have stolen your pics as it must mean they like them, yes i guess, but if it was your job to sell TV’s for example and you hadn’t sold any because people kept stealing them, so you couldn’t pay rent, or your bills, would you be flattered?!?!?

No you would be upset and annoyed 😦

Anyway so the plan is now I will just be posting weekly or when ever the mood gets me and I will be more careful in the photos that get put up.

So on a lighter note, here are boats in Alicante: and I will see you all again, hopefully with some happier news (like photos being taken down or payment made) in a week or so….

Alicante Boats


  1. What a shame! I need that “dislike” button again. Your daily posts will be truly missed, but I look forward to any pictures you post no matter how infrequent.

    • Thanks! Thanks for following me and commenting, I’m just so frustrated at the moment, no one is even acknowleding me or taking the photos down, I guess its so easy in a online world to hide and just ignore people, but i’m going to keep fighting until I get them taken down or money for their useage, even if I can’t sleep at night! and one day this will all be a distant memory and I can start posting properly again 🙂

      • I agree – you need to keep fighting! Too many people/companies get away with things nowadays that are just damn wrong. I used to let people walk all over me, but I have learned to fight for what’s right. Best of luck!

  2. Hey Hun, why don’t you release a book on Amazon with all of your stolen photo’s? Just an idea to kind of solidify them as yours out there in cyberspace, then when you can afford it from all of your ebook sales….sue their asses 😉 Just a suggestion. Love you, and I hope things get better for you on this front. X

    • Thanks hun, have had a good outcome with TNT Magazine, they have taken it down and given me a tour of scotland and first place in their photo competition so will be featured in their magazine 🙂 so thats good.
      I am writing Photography books at the moment on Amazon and I’m using most of them in there for examples so in a way I’m doing what you suggested, people can just hide behind false names and the internet so its so hard to do anything about it! Thanks for your message, love you too g x

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