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Not a happy post today I’m afraid, it has come to my attention that my photos are being stolen and used around the web without my knowledge or approval.   The most obvious one is:

london eye photo stolen

Where my London Eye picture is being used twice on the same page…

I have found my London Eye picture is being used all over the web as well as here for TNT Magazine.

But more of a worry are the Mexico Tour company who are using my Rochester, England photo on their front page:

and the company that have taken my Tower Bridge light trails and cropped my photo so my signature is missing and are giving it away as free wallpaper for your phone 😦

Another photographer has stolen my Rochester photo and have turned it black and white and are claiming it as there’s, also someone has taken my self-portrait and is saying it is them!

My London Eye photo and my Istanbul photo have both been used in numerous articles where I am not credited but to make matters worse other companies have put their signature on my photos claiming them as theres, at one point my London Eye has two different peoples signatures on it, neither of them being mine.

Whats more of a worry is I have contacted everyone asking for the photos to be taken down and no one is geting back to me or has bothered to take my photos down.

I don’t mind that my photos be shared as long as I am credited, but I have not been credited or told about any of the above, it was only because of googles new image search that I even knew about them all, and there are far too many more for me to mention here, pretty much every photo I own I have found someone is using it without crediting me or my knowledge.

So photographers out there, go to Google, Images and then in the search box click on the camera and upload your photo or the URL of your photo and it will search the web for you image, my London Eye photo came up with 8 google search pages of its usage being stolen!

So I now need to rethink what i’m doing, and whether to keep doing the blog, or using Flickr or Facebook, since putting a signature of them is not working!

Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.


  1. This is where we need a dislike button! Wow, I can’t believe how ignorant people can be. All you want is the credit for your beautiful work, and II don’t think that’s too much to ask. I’m very sorry that you have had to experience this and that you are now contemplating ending your blog. That would be a horrible loss for all of us!!

  2. Thanks, it is sooo crazy what people think they can get away with, thanks to google now none of them will be able to hide! I am so upset about it all, I mean how hard is it to credit me so I at least get some exposure but the ones that cropped my signature off and are giving it away are making me really mad! and worse they are still doing it and ignoring my messages!
    Just don’t know what to do 😦

  3. Hi Gi,
    I heard that certain uploading websites have clauses in their terms and conditions that states something like “all licences of images are not deemed valid once uploaded” or something to that affect anyway! There was an uproar cos there were a bunch of celebs that stop using them as uploaders cos their personal pics could be used with no consequences and I think Flickr was one of the sites!!!!!

    But this seriously sucks u work so hard to produce these and to have them ripped off is so unfair and rude!!!! I hope u can resolve most of them but maybe look into intellectual property or something like that to see what yr rights are!!!

    Good luck love xx

    • hey hun, thanks for your message, yea its a mess, flickr is ok though because you choose your license and i had mine on non-commerical and always credit me and link back to me, which no one has done, but i think facebook is the worse so need to think about what to do about that, and flickr is where they are probably being stolen from even though i have my license on it, so i can’t win 😦 havn’t used facebook for a few days though while I think what to do…

  4. I was thinking bout this all day cos it annoys me have u thought of putting yr signature thru the photo?? Like a watermark? Then we can still enjoy the imagine but they can’t steal???? Grrrrrr it makes me mad :/ x

    • bless you hun, makes me mad too 😦
      I do put my signature on the bottom but in the above cases they are just cropping the photo to get rid of the signature so i guess the only thing i can do is put a watermark right across the middle of the photo but then that doesn’t look as pretty!

      • Yeah it sucks but atleast then your images are protected but we can still appreciate it!!!!

  5. This is very disappointing! Thanks for posting how to search our photos… I’m definitely gonna check into my own.

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