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With the weather being so cold, windy, wet and crazy yesterday it’s a good time to dream of Summer:

Summer in Greece


  1. It was -20 degrees Celsius here yesterday, so I am also dreaming of Summer. Beautiful shot! That is one place I would love to visit one day!

  2. Awesome pic of Greece…..Its really beautiful.

  3. This is just stunning. I stumbled across you in the Photography Network and went to you website and then found your blog. You’re an inspiration. I see that you have already been to NZ. if you’re ever back this way, I’m happy to be your tour guide anytime. I am very sad to see that you’re being ripped off by people making money off your fantastic pics. It’s a struggle to make money out of photography at the best of times, without people exploiting you. But I think you’ve done the right thing. Tried to set it right. And then move on. I will be watching your progress around the world with great interest.

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